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* Actually, he mentioned the Math God twice in today's lecture...

ProfessorCha of the EngineeringDepartment makes use of the word "jobbie" (and, more infrequently, "thingie") to describe everything from mathematical abstractions to phenomenally complicated mechanical systems. So far, TracyvanCort (who is usually in his 8:20 Baby Stems section but sometimes goes to the 1:15 when morning isn't an option) has counted quite a few. The following are grand totals based on her Stems notes to date, but she doesn't doubt she's missed a few jobbies here and there, especially during the section after playing DrinkTillStems.

Cumulative counts as of 28 November 2000:

Jobbies: 224

Invocations of the "math god" (e.g. "math god treats me nicely"): 6

Thingies: 16

References to the unoriginality/uncreativity of engineer thought: 3

Jobbie count 2002:

Recitation (as of Sept 27, 2002) : 27

Lecture (as of October 3, 2002) : 12

Okay, I so don't have my old Stems notes anymore, but I vaguely recall looking at assorted jobbie tallies for Fall 2002 and finding that they occurred with an average rate of ~1 jobbie every 4 minutes. --JulieWortman

Related Jobbie Incident 2004: It would appear that Jobbies have been immortalized via an E4 project in which Jobbies finally have a shape (an acrylic plastic rectangle with a hole in the center). The official name of the project was "Sorting Jobbies"; ask a fall E4 2004 person for details, but they're really not worth posting.

Oddly, has refrained from saying jobbie except once in the Fall 2006 Stems....

Although ProfessorCha did not teach the Spring 2007 Stems, ProfessorMolinder has already mentioned the Math God once. A sign of weirdness to come?

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