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One of 1999-2000's EastDormPresidents, 2000-2001 EastDormProctor, and four year alum of east dorm.

The game of which John is the undisputable master is none other than Chocobo Hot and Cold. Kweh. If you have questions about the way things worked at HMC, give me a call (206)783-3267. I'm sure one of us will be able to explain it.

For those interested in irony: After failing miserably to procure east dorm t-shirts while in office, he has since landed a job in the t-shirt printing ink business. I didn't tell them I hated t-shirt making.
Things I think about: Today I can read through my Big E&M book and understand it. I probably could have when I was there,too. Textbooks make much more sense if you read them.

Many things that you do at school that you think are unique are not. This means two things. One is that you can learn a lot by listening to those who have gone before you. Not when they're all bitter and mean and condescending, but when they're quiet and thinking about what they have done. The other is that when you find something that is unique, do it. Be the people that change.

When you look back at high school, how many people can you say you really disliked? How many can you remember? If you saw them today would you still dislike them? That is how you will feel about the people in college. Most you will forget. I forget some of you.

Memories: Feeling insulted by Professor Gu and making her feel bad by almost walking out of her classroom. Walking to Rob and Anna's in a deep funk and cementing what I think of as a great friendship. Removing those graham crackers, finally, and being very happy. Hours of sitting on the couch with Anne, Ian, and Stacey. Chocolate Mountain Dew (which I have always contended tastes like a liquid tootsie roll) The first time I kissed those people, and many more. The night I almost got in a fight with the wrong guy while watching a movie. Hanging plants. My first proctor page. The night we hung the monkey. The night Kim picked me up. (She's smooth) Winning SWE. Not getting in to Without a Box Not getting in to Without a Box Not getting in to Without a Box Not getting in to Without a Box Driving Treasa home. The first time Treasa came to visit. My one well done experiment.

See if you can make some of these happen for you.

John has requested that there is a JohnSucksPage here. So, here it is.

This is true. Have a beef with John? Put it up here so everyone can see! Maybe it will help deflate my big fat head. Maybe I'll just laugh at your pittiling concern. Maybe I'll fix the problem, and you can take it off the list!

Also, check out JobRating. Rate your friends jobs!


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