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See also: PitzerCollege

The wishy-washy alternative to choosing between a MathMajor or ComputerScience major.

Also known as ComputerScience minus SoftwareDevelopment plus MathMajor minus BigFourier. No HardClasses or ContinuousMath? (except for SciComp?, RealAnalysis, or NumAnal?). You only say that because you think "applied" has 4 letters in it :-) And if you don't think it has four letters in it, maybe you'd better review your combinatorics... ;->

A GoodIdea.

When stating that you are a joint major, it's worthwhile to hold your fingers near your lips and inhale between the "joint" and the "major." At least the first time people hear about the major.

See also: MathBio

See also: PitzerCollege

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