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A RoomDraw song, partially written by EmmaDavis as a junior in spring 2014 when she machined East. Was never actually finished because it turned out she was too stressed to finish writing a song about how stressed she was. Sung to the tune of [Let It Go].

(As a note to everyone involved in RoomDraw for 2014-2015, this is very much an exaggeration and meant to be funny and certainly not directed at anyone in particular! But be nice to your machine because it is a little stressful.)

 The crowd grows loud in Platt tonight
 every junior can be seen
 A night full of mass confusion,
 And it looks like Iím the machine.

 The volume's building like this stress buried inside
 Couldnít keep it in, you all know I tried

 "I want this room, I want that suite"
 "Sontag's closed and East looks kinda neat"
 They really should have let me know
 But there they go

 Let it go, let it go
 Canít pull the frosh anymore
 Let it go, let it go
 Even if they close first floor

 I donít care
 where they're going to stay
 Leave them on their own,
 I just got a mentor pull anyway

 Itís funny how some freshmen
 think they can have it all
 and the twenty fucking juniors
 who all want in back hall

 (Itís time to see what I can do
 To test the limits and break through
 No right, no wrong, no rules for me
 Iím free)

 Let it go, let it go
 Pull your own goddamn Timesuck
 Let it go, let it go
 I just can't give one more fuck

 Here I stand
 room draw spreadsheet in hand
 But I can't go on

 (My power flurries through the air into the ground
 My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around
 And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
 Iím never going back,
 The past is in the past)

 Let it go, let it go
 why the fuck is East so small?
 Let it go, let it go
 Can we just skip to Funball?

 (Here I stand
 In the light of day)
 Leave them on their own,
 I just got a mentor pull anyway 

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