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For being awake or for writing this? -K.

Written after an all-nighter of sleep dep, coding, and music theory. Inspiration strikes in the darndest places . . .

 The morning rises like a warning
 Dancing through my groggy eyes;
 With furrowed brows he soon regards
 My phantom form, bemused surprise.
 Why seems this fool awake
 To catch his timid light?
 A vigil stance to celebrate
 The passing of the night.

 The hours charm fluorescent halls
 And walls without a single star;
 No taste of fog or icy air
 Could deign to breach the basement bar.
 And in these halls I dwell
 Confused by Man's embrace,
 Till finally I shift my head
 To catch a dawning face.

 But in the hour of silent waking
 Madness yields to stony peace;
 The trials of night are set aside,
 A moment stilled, a calm release;
 The gentle warmth consoles;
 For though the deed is done,
 The child of night, he reconciles
 His life before his Sun.

Send bushels of beatings in WillShipley's direction for for this.

For being awake or for writing this? -K.

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