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LordOfTheReam: Book IV

The Road to the Basement

(Gimli is riding a fairly tall unicycle, being towed by Eowyn, while Aragorn and Theoden follow, leading a troupe of Southies)

Gimli: It's true you don't see many squid women. In fact, they are so rare some people mistake them for squid men!

Aragorn: (Whispering) It's their screen names. (Indicates an androgynous screen name)

Gimli: And this, in turn has given rise to the belief that there ARE no squid women! And that squids simply never get any girlfriends!

(Others laugh, Eowyn so hard she lets go of the unicycle)

Gimli: Haha! Which is completely ridiculous, of course! Whoa! (And he falls off the unicycle) I'm okay! Nobody panic! It was deliberate!

Farther back in the line, Theoden and Aragorn chat)

Theoden: I haven't seen my suitemate smile for a long time. She was a frosh when her sponsor ITR'd while taking the GrandSlam. She watched her suitemates succumb to poor schedule planning. She was left alone, doomed to hang out with a BitterUpperClassman, who should have paid attention to her like a sponsor.

(later -- Near the South Lounge, Eowyn returns to the group with food from the South Kitchen)

Eowyn: Gimli?

Gimli: No, I couldn't! I really couldn't!

(Eowyn comtinues up to Aragorn, who is adding duct tape to his boffer.)

Eowyn: I made some Ramen. It isn't much, but it's not Platt Matter.

(She gives some to Aragorn, who thanks her and tries a bit. After a moment, he notices her watching, and nods)

Aragorn: It's good.

Eowyn: Really?

(She turns to leave, but turns back before Aragorn can toss his out)

Eowyn: Theoden told me a strange thing. He told me you took Ochem with Thengel, my sponsor's sponsor. But he must be mistaken.

Aragorn: Theoden has a good memory. He was only a prefrosh at the time.

Eowyn: Then you must be at least a Junior!

(Aragorn looks embarrased)

Eowyn: A Senior? You cannot be a Supersenior!

Aragorn: .... A sixth-year.

Eowyn: You are a transfer student. A student from another college, starting over in your junior year. It was said that that program was terminated.

Aragorn: There are few of us left. Most colleges don't send their students to Mudd anymore.

Eowyn: I didn't know that. Please, eat!

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