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Name your high scores and also feel free to include your level code.


You put bread in. With a click, heat begins to build. Then - a sound - motion - fresh toast! ROBO-TOAST. 49.99.
ACCEPT: Move robots from the entrance (top) to the exit (bottom)!


Coffee - ambrosia - the 'water of life.' But - so hard to make! WORRY NO MORE. Robo Coffee: Never Sleep Again.
If a robot's string starts with blue, accept. Otherwise, reject!


Our hi-tech 'lavalamps' will sense your mood, glowing and moving as you think! 'Creepy'? Try 'incredible!'
ACCEPT: If there are three or more blues!


Robot fish! Sold with ten amazing pre-programmed swim patterns, and almost always waterproofed!
ACCEPT: if a robot contains NO red!


Robot flies! Ever thought, 'if I could be a fly on the wall?' Well, YOU can't - but these are the next best thing!
ACCEPT: if the tape has only alternating colors!


Robot kitties! Their lustrous fur is 100% authentic - each strand taken from the back of an real kitten, just for you!
ACCEPT: if the tape ends with two blues!


Enormous metal polar bears! They like to catch fish, even though they can't eat any. It's disarming! Then they eat you.
ACCEPT: Strings that begin and end with the same color!

RC Cars!

They go 'vroom'! They're remote controlled! The best and last robo-toy your child will ever want!
OUTPUT: The input, but with the first symbol at the end!


Robot-driven cars! Now, when you enjoy a glass or two of port on the way to work, you needn't feel guilty about it!
OUTPUT: Replace blue with green, and red with yellow!


Want to tower above your fellow man? Of course you do! But you're probably afraid of falling. Well - FEAR NO LONGER!
OUTPUT: Put a green at the beginning, and a yellow at the end!


Our first defense contract: robot dogs! They sniff out the bad guys with their mechani-noses, and then - well!
ACCEPT: With blue as 1 and red as 0, accept odd binary strings!


Robot soldiers! Plated with armor, bristling with weapons, and ready to send the Reds all the way back to Moscow!
OUTPUT: With blue as 1 and red as 0, multiply by 8!


Robotic officers serve in the newly formed Metal Regiments, commanding by radio-wave with uncanny speed!
OUTPUT: With blue as 1 and red as 0, add 1 to the binary string!


Robot generals analyze their goals and optimize, without human limits. They are literally unbeatable.
OUTPUT: Subtract 1 from the binary string! (Input >= 1)


Robotic armour! Rated 30% cheaper than human-crewed equivalents, and nearly 60% better at crushing foes!
ACCEPT: With blue as 1 and red as 0, accept binary strings > 15!


Designation: HUM/ELINT primary infiltration/investigation asset. Further details: classified.
ACCEPT: With blue as 1 and red as 0, accept natural powers of four!


Robots in the shape of men - and with minds to match! A breakthrough like none before!
ACCEPT: Some number of blue, then the same number of red!


These robo-scramps are guaranteed to brighten your life, even without use of their vast, glowing eyes!
ACCEPT: An equal number of blue and red, in any order!


Overwhelmed by rampant crime? Upgrade your police force! Robo Cops: They Only Shoot People Who Really Deserve It.
OUTPUT: Put a yellow in the middle of the (even-length) string!


Robotic judges! Completely incorruptible, and utterly infallible! You'll never need HUMAN justices again!
ACCEPT: (Even-length) strings that repeat midway through!


Classes taught by robot teachers have, on average, 68% higher standardized test scores. They're simply superior!
ACCEPT: X blue, then X red, then X more blue, for any X!


Robo-politicians: built so carefully, test models have replaced their targets with a detection rate below 1%!
ACCEPT: If there are exactly twice as many blues as red!


Robot professors! The robot race can now debate Derrida, satire Socrates, and control the academic world!
OUTPUT:Reverse the input string!


Robot engineers. Designed to build testing machines. Harmless.
ACCEPT: Perfectly symmetrical strings!


Guided by a clever robotic navigation capsule, these rockets can carry nearly thirty tons of cargo into low Earth orbit!
OUTPUT: Swap blue for red, and red for blue!


Using new advanced 'jet engines', our automated planes will take you from here to there in half the time!
OUTPUT: All of the blue, but none of the red!

Rocket Planes!

'The earth is the cradle of the mind - but one cannot live forever in a cradle.' Man's device sojourn out to the stars.
OUTPUT: The input, but with all blues moved to the front!


Stilts are fine. But what's better - robot STILTS, or a GIANT WALKING ROBOT SUIT? We think you already know!
OUTPUT: The input, but with the last symbol in front!


ACCEPT: Two identical strings, separated by a green!


ACCEPT: Read the tape as two numbers, A and B, split by a green: accept if A>B!


OUTPUT: Read the tape as two numbers, A and B, split by a green: output A + B!

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