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FALL 2001 Schedule:
FALL 2002 Schedule:

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MUS 88 Intro to Computer Music TTh 1:15 3.0

Matt was dropped on his head from a large height at a real young age, and from that point on, he has the ability to juggle up to 7 beanbags for extended periods of time, and been able to solve multi-variable calculus problems with ease.

A few years later, he visited a child labor rubber factory in a third world country, and from that point on vowed to conserve rubber. So he sold his bike and learned to ride a unicycle for transportation.

Matt also writes parodies of popular songs, and recruited some friends who could sing, and StemsDrugsAndRockAndRoll was formed. They write lots of geeky spoofs and have used several in pranks, the most recent when they hid a speaker in Beckman and played "Mortal Kalculus" in the middle of Professor Moody's calculus class. Moody has responded with a ploy of his own -- not responding to any of Matt's e-mails.

Matt's other hobbies include golf, skiing, volleyball, and writing fictional ancedotes.

FALL 2002 Schedule:

	MATH 148  Knot Theory                        MWF 11     3.0
	MATH 180  Applied Analysis                   MWF 11     3.0
	MATH 191  Putnam Seminar                     Tu  6:7:30 1.0
	MATH 197  Senior Thesis                      Tu  11     3.0
	MATH 198  Undergraduate Math Forum           Tu  4:15   0.0
	STS 179B  Mathematics in Society             TTh 2:45   3.0
	ECON  51  Principles of Macroeconomics       TTh 1:15   3.0
	Several PEs: Golf, Bowling, Team Handball


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