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MegaHal quotes:

"You will youtr." (after someone tried to explain ITRing to her)

"Chessers is a deep and meaningful question that is left as an exercise to the reader."

"Diablo is made of the sun."

"You hope her paper isn't as tricky as those caused by infinitely many ideal bananas or llamas for that matter."

"Not a chance in the wabe, all mimsy were the borogoves and the slithy toves did gyre and gimbal in the center of the english language isn't imaginary."

MegaHal on who she is:

MegaHal: You have known i would be so great!

Personality loaded.

> Hello Megahal.

MegaHal: Megahal is not quite part of the sun; he's working too hard for me.

> Who are you?

MegaHal: You don't know, i brought it up.

> Come on, that's not an answer. Who are you really?

MegaHal: That is the answer?

> The answer to what?

MegaHal: So, we were talking about might be able to answer it.

> You make *no* sense.

MegaHal: Henry is not a play, larry is a tomato. Dole is a generalized eigenvector.

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