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Wow, my very own Wiki page...

Mikel (it's just like Michael, but I spell it right) is from Everett, WA (north of Seattle) and enjoys Rain, Snow, and other "bad" weather conditions (and the weather nuts shall inherit the earth! --LauraKanofsky). A Sophomore Mathematical Biology Major. (Wow! I didn't know that! You're only the second I've ever met. -NickHerman) (Yeah, I get to actually start my bio stuff next semester :-p -MikelGrenzner) Also known as the Ghost of FroshChem / Hum1 past...

Interests: I've played the Viola for 10 years, and I'm a MacAddict? as well. I have to say that my biggest weakness is Trance. For the unenlightened, Trance is an uplifting, melodic, deep form of Techno that can be spun equally well from vinyl or cd. I spin trance under the name "DJ Mikey", and do so as often as possible. My biggest influences are Paul Van Dyk, BT, DJ Tiesto, and a few others. Wouldn't mind starting an Ibiza suite next year, if you know what Ibiza is, come find me :-) With the help of ChrisKay, I'm also going to be reviving the HMC DJing club SpinSHMC.

Tracks I'm obsessing over right now:

Three Drives - Carrara II

Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar

Nu-NRG - Butterfly

East 160 x72022 Yeah, that's one of my favorites, too.


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