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You know its a good idea... Ok, here's what passes for rules:

  1. We should try to turn out 50k words by the end of November... because it would be amusing.
  2. Try to keep some level of continuity. Where some is defined as epsilon amount of continuity.
  3. There is a plot discussion section and a writing section... we should hammer out some ideas for where this is going in the first couple of days before starting writing.
  4. If you read this page, you should add something.

Plot disco:

Some bored dead guy makes people do stuff just because their curiosity led them to investigate something or other. People do stuff, largely half-assedly.

The dead guy used to be a ghost guardian-type-thing of the city. However, that got pretty boring after the first century or two, and they don't really need guarding anymore. Now, since the dead guy's bored out of his skull (it's buried in the next room over), he spends his time controlling people who get curious and investigate his tomb.

Ooh, Shiny! Just people who enter the tomb, or greater radius of control? Do we want to focus on one particular set of people who have entered the tomb (and are controlled - horror story style) or do we want to focus on someone not controlled in the city who tries to counteract the guardian thingie?

We should decide on a style to write this in before plot discussion goes much farther. Given where it looks like its going we could do horror (Lovecraftian perhaps?), adventure, illuminati-esque, or just plain silly (which seems to work best for getting contributions). And there are probably other possibilities i'm not thinking of right now. But our style choice will affect what is appropriate.


It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out. A lady screamed. And so on.


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