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* Is that kind of like Platt bubble gum ice cream?

The PaperClipDelusion demonstrates the idea of the universality of faith.

The idea is that everyone has faith in something. Scientists have faith in science. The religious have faith in their God. Solipsists have faith in their imagination. Some people who are off their medication have faith in the voices in their head.

The PaperClipDelusion demonstrates the idea that it's not what you have faith in but that you have faith that is important.

Now you, too, can show your faith in C-Bob the Magic Paperclip. (Bob-C, which is C-Bob backwards, is the Evil Anti-Paperclip best known as the annoying thing that pops up when you first run Microsoft products)

C-Bob is responsible for chocolate chip ice cream (Bob-C is responsible for the fact that you have to pay for it and it's fattening). Some may say that the first person who decided to *make* chocolate chip ice cream (I have no idea who this is) is responsible for its existence, which is probably true. It is also true that C-Bob is responsible for chocolate chip ice cream. Whatever. I don't know how it works; I just make it up.

This information came to StephGrush in a dream, and because she was feeling silly, she decided to enlighten the world.

Remember, C-Bob is not a god. C-Bob is merely a paperclip. It's just that he's a *magic* paperclip.

On an odd aside, StephGrush does not even like chocolate chip ice cream. But the world is still a better place for its existence.

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