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"Dorm Greek God." <- am I getting this right? --KL

Big as a tree, but very subtle indeed.

PaulScott is a junior CS major, which is still a little strange because he thought he was going to be a physics major.

He currently resides in East 157 with TrevorPickering?

Yes, Paul likes the menfolk. Very much so.

Is frequently confounded by EvilSouthie. 'Cause EvilSouthie's evil, duh.

Frequently confounds JeffBrenion. 'Cause PaulScott's evil, duh.

Paul very nearly seduced NateCappallo so as to fix rising sophomore room draw. And, you know, I would have succeeded, too, if I had just shown a little more leg. -- Paul

He did, however, pretty much completely organize East room draw for 2003/2004.

PaulScott is also rather fond of anime. He has posters of cute girls (Strange, huh?) on his walls.

Important Note: Paul is NOT the chastity nun.

"PaulScott is fairly good as the young prince's bearlike servitor." -- Google

"We've got moral evil down." -- Paul

"Sweet... my mom sent me an envelope full of liberalism."

"I'm gonna bust a vector in your ass."

"In propositional logic, everything simplifies down to top or bottom."

"I spooged the spirit of Christmas all over the floor."

"Dorm Greek God." <- am I getting this right? --KL


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