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3 May 2000: Because I'm sure people are sick of reading about the antics of the Workers Support Committee on the PitzerCollege homepage, here's the agreement signed by PomonaCollege president Peter Stanley (vague but nonetheless a potential victory for a bunch of riffraff troublemaker students who'd been threatened with suspension not 24 hours before):

May 2nd 2000: All parties (Stanley and 2 student witnesses) agree that by the start of the next academic year Pomona College's food service provider will determine and act on the wishes of its employees regarding unionization, through a process that is timely, publically accountable, and not intimidating. Among the various ways of accomplishing this might be tabulation of authorization cards by a neutral party. Pomona College prefers to do this in cooperation with other Claremont Colleges.

There may be typos, in which case I apologize; I didn't see the agreement but heard it read aloud. Anyway, the cool thing about the agreement is that it in no way makes the College liable, but nonetheless requires some kind of action to be taken, preferably by all the colleges. It's also deliberately vague about not naming a food service provider, which suggests (as does rumor around campus) that Aramark might not be around for much longer, which in turn might mean the food around here sucking less. Yay!

Best of all, the ClaremontColleges have decided to get rid of Aramark. Some of them are reverting to Sodexho (formerly Mariott) and others are switching to Bon Appetit.

Oh, and Pomona is the oldest of the ClaremontColleges and one of the best (or at least highest-ranking) liberal arts schools in the country, if you believe stuff like US News & World Report college ratings (which are pretty much a load of BS based on stuff like alumni donation rate, but oh well).

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