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A visiting professor for 2006-2007. He wants us to call him by his first name, Sanjai.

He is teaching MultiVII and seems to be intent on turning it into LinearAlgebra?.

As of Spring 2008, was teaching MultiVI? and was awesome. Apparently he will no longer be here after Spring 2008, which is sad.


"This is audience participation - like the Rocky Horror Picture Show...except there is no underwear run because then I would get fired."

"No, you can't do an eigenvalue!"

"This is much easier than watching me write abcd and doing algebra like a monkey."

"When in doubt, pull it out." (later) "Before we whip anything out..." (BawMahNow!)

"Wow, you're hot today!"

(Starting class) "The definition on the board is wrong; your lecture will be sent via e-mail. Class dismissed."

(Using the squeeze theorem) "I'm thinking of a number between zero and zero, can you guess what it is?"

(In a bar when asked about his name)
SomeBody: "That's really hard to pronounce. I'm going to call you sun dried tomatoes."

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