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* Note that later on (after introducing the exponential distribution) she proceeded to draw a fish and a lower case "e" kissing, to symbolize this marriage.

ProfessorMartonosi joined the MathDepartment in the fall of 2005, taking the position of resident ProbStat? expert vacated by ProfessorKrieger. She was the FacultyInResidence? for the 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 academic years. While filling the Faculty in Residence role she organized awesome bake offs :-)

Over the summer of 2006, she played SettlersOfCatan with AdamField and MartinPyne at her moving-in ice cream social. She later played Betrayal at House on the Hill, as well. This makes her, in at least some peoples' eyes, certifiably awesome. To others, it just means we're huge dorks, but we knew that already. --AdamField

Inverts matrices by hand, and will heckle you if you're using MATLAB to do matrix math.


During Operations Research, Fall 2006

"And I just like to call it... wicked cool."

Student: What's your Ph.D actually in?
ProfessorMartonosi: Operations Research.
Student: Oh, I guess you're qualified to teach this course, then.

Intermediate Probability, Spring 2009

"If it were possible for one to marry a random variable, I would be seriously tempted to marry the Poisson distribution. Of course, it's already married to the exponential distribution, so that could make things awkward. But for now, we'll move on, leaving that...odd image in your head."

[After seeing The Godfather for the first time]: "I used to have this irrational fear of the mafia, but now I understand; sometimes you just have to kill a guy."

Math 64 (DEs II), Spring 2009
"They don't care if it's an autonomous whatever or a homogeneous dealie-whopper."

Adam Novak: "So, DEs are depressing."
ProfessorMartonosi: "No, no, all of mathematics is depressing."

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