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The correct answer when a woman has a metal thing in your mouth is "Yes"
The correct answer when a woman has a metal thing in your mouth is "Yes"

I can't say Harvard without saying prick. I've really gotta get over that.

Visiting Professor for the Humanities department. He teaches Economics courses, and generally assigns 2-4 homeworks a semester. I believe that the worst of those might have taken me about 30 minutes. NeedsRewriting, mostly put up so I can add the entertaining quotes.

According to tales heard at the ItrGames one night in Spring 2008, once let out a class 45 minutes early with the comment "Sorry class took so long today."

DavidLapayowker decided to keep track of how many times ProfessorPrag swore in Praganomics in Fall 2006, partially to learn Python GUIs, and partly because he thought it would be funny. Here's what he came up with:


"There are concepts of hell and concepts of eternity. One of them is an *NSYNC concert, another is grading this homework"

"Or an asset, like myself, that never matures"

"What are you, drunk?" - Guest speaker to ProfessorPrag

"The internet is nothing but a bridge across a river of beer!"

"Economists have the one-finger response to this sort of thing" --ProfessorPrag on the consideration of economics as a "soft science" by chemists and physicists

"Walter's is the slowest fucking service I have ever seen."

On greeting cards: "It's abso-fucking-lutely useless"

"So I'll need a shitload -- that's the mathematical term -- of x..."

"Screw it. Let's just get the most jollies I can out of the 10 bucks in my pocket."

"When I think about my own evil tendencies..."

"I went to anime expo with my kids and I swear I saw half of you there."

"Ugly fish" --ProfessorPrag on the koi

"Economists have gone so far as to name parts of the graph, kind of like you name parts of...nevermind."

"I was going to say 'Rhode Island', but I think San Bernardino County is bigger than that."

"[The computer industry] started as one company. Well, two. But I don't know that anyone would count Apple."

"Frankly, I'd rather people be here and doze than not be here at all."

"It's nice to come up with bullshit terms and economists do this better than anyone."

"I'd love to know what a widget is. I've been teaching this shit for 20 years and I still don't know what a widget is."

"You have a bunch of really smart economists-- a bit of an oxymoron. OK, so you have a bunch of industry economists..."

ProfessorPrag teaches a class to SoCal? Edison a few times a year. The compensation? "They pay me enough to buy a BMW with one check."

"...and a bunch of podunk countries. Nothing personal against you, if you happen to be from a podunk country."

You can expand this graph to work in three dimensions and it works fine. And if you drop acid you can visualize it in as many dimensions as you want!

Thank God we had a lot of pot and beer around Florida then. Otherwise..

If you can get it all from the textbook, what do you need me for? Of course, they don't put dirty words in the textbooks...

I've decided I want to be a big player in the strawberry business...

You're going to see a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the strawberry industry.

Imagine a strawberry field the size of Rhode Island -- no wait, San Bernardino County, that's bigger...

On nothing more than a handful of Sudafed and way more alcohol than I should have had last night, I'm going to get through most of today's lecture.

Let's say Hurricane Holy Shit is bearing down on the coast of Florida...

If you have just 2 firms it's called a duopoly, which sounds like a fifties rock group.

This isn't nuclear fricking war! It's fucking cereal!

Imagine if Sigmund Freud had met Bill Clinton. He'd have said, "sometimes a cigar is just a...WHAT?"

I think a Unitarian cathedral is a Winebago.

This is either a really good definition of leadership, or the business plan of a porn site.

Every discipline has its strengths. Economics is good for some things, philosophy is good for other things, political science...well, maybe not that one.

What do jumbo shrimp, military intelligence, and today's lecture have in common? Hopefully, nothing. Today, we're going to discuss ethical leadership...

I'm thinking about starting a new organization: PETT. It's People for the Ethical Treatment of Tofu.

You may remember WWII; it was in all the papers.

The correct answer when a woman has a metal thing in your mouth is "Yes"

I can't say Harvard without saying prick. I've really gotta get over that.

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