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**Except I totally had to do that in high school. (BrothersKaramazov?, anyone?) --SkyeBerghel

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* Thats only DavidLapayowker. The rest of us tend to be more varied... MichaelBraly (The course is actually called Morality of Self Interest or somesuch like that.)

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* Will allow one to rewrite a paper if the student is not happy with the grade.

Professor Wright is a philosophy professor at Mudd.

He teaches a Hum 1 class where pre-writing consists of replacing the concept of "outlines" with "write 500/1000 words (depending on the assignment) about what you think about the topic you think you want to write about."

In other words, a Hum 1 class easier than all of SkyeBerghel's English classes since 9th grade.

Other classes include Applying the Free Market to Every Moral Argument (Phil 179).

Other additions to this page are welcome, as its emptiness makes me sad.

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