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The College has notified Scott Wilbur, '77, that he is not allowed to be on campus property (grounds and buildings for any reason or attend College-sponsored events on or off-campus without prior written authorization from Bob Cave, Dean of the Faculty or myself.

If you should see Mr. Wilbur on campus property or if he should approach you, please remain calm and contact Campus Safety by phone at 72000 or by email at dispatch@cuc.claremont.edu. We have spoken with Campus Safety and have been assured that the dispatcher will act promptly upon receipt of a call or email by contacting the officer on duty who will know how to respond to Mr. Wilbur. Mr. Wilbur is Caucasian, approximately 6 feet tall, 55 years of age, and has a long grey beard. At times he wears a khaki, fedora-styled hat.

In March 2010, the College obtained a permanent restraining order preventing Scott Wilbur '77 from being within 100 yards of campus because of a threat directed at me. We have recently learned that he has made threatening remarks about other college officials and a member of the Alumni Association Board of Governors. We have also heard that Mr. Wilbur may attempt to attend events during Alumni Weekend and, consequently, we have taken extra precautions to ensure the safety of the campus community and guests. The College has hired extra security from Campus Safety and a private security firm. The Claremont Police Department has also been notified and will have a presence on campus during the entire weekend. Staff members who have been assigned to work during the weekend will be instructed on how to contact Campus Safety should they see him on campus.

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