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Also known as "Spring '05" it was frighteningly similar to musical chairs, but involved beds. And angst. Oh the angst.

FrancesHocutt and DanCicio began dating mid-May 2004.

MacKenzieStuart and JonathanBeall began dating at the end of August 2004. They broke up six months later.

BrianYoung began dating VictoriaKrafft in March of 2005. They broke up four months later (see below).

FrancesHocutt and DanCicio broke up later in March of 2005.

MacKenzieStuart began dating ChrisErickson in April of 2005. They broke up three years later.

HilaryDavidson began dating JonathanBeall in April of 2005. They broke up three months later.


BrianYoung broke up with VictoriaKrafft in July of 2005. One week later, began dating FrancesHocutt. They are still dating.

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