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**While an awesome scene, I must point out that it is irrelevant to the discussion, as he was a commander at the time, and this discussion is about the best captain. On that note, CLEARLY Pike. Forget Kirk's women, he gets the green ones. --JasonWinerip

Who's the best? JamesTKirk? JeanLucPicard?? KathrynJaneway?? That dude from DS9? (That would be Benjamin Sisko) ScottBakula?'s character on Enterporn? (That would be Jonathan Archer) Expostulate and debate here.

Janeway. End of discussion.
I beg to differ! JeanLucPicard? fits the bill, hands down. Starfleet needs more Shakespearean captains. --WillShipley
Yes, more Shakespearean captains! Which is precisely the reason Avery Brooks was cast as Benjamin Sisko. I mean, dude, he should at least get some credit for becoming a demi-god. Plus, his mildly Kirkesque speech pattern actually works for him. --MarkSandoval
Who would win in a fight? Clearly Kirk. Also, who gets the most women (besides Janeway?) Also Kirk. Clearly this counts in his favor on diplomatic missions --MatthewLawson

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