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AlexBobbs: When I first heard about this movie, my first thought was, "Why was Ron Howard given such a project?" Having seen the movie, I'm still asking myself the same question. While, in all fairness, TheGrinch is overall a fairly decent flick, it had potential to be made SO much better with the right people in charge(Tim Burton, anyone?). The make-up and costumes are right on (in addition to the Grinch, the people themselves are given elaborate make-up jobs to make them look like Dr. Seuss drawings), and Jim Carrey and Cindy Lou Who deliver pretty good performances (Carrey mumbles a bit too much in some parts, but it fits the character). However, the sets look more like Disney Land than a viable fantasy world and the first hour of story (that they added as a prelude to the Dr. Seuss story) has essentially one plot development and uses the rest of the time to crack cheap jokes. I also had to question whether Howard had ever actually read any Seuss when he inserted some potty humour and decided that the Grinch's love interest should dress like a sex object. If you want to take your younger siblings out to catch a flick, this may be a great pick. Otherwise, there are probably better movies for you to see.

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