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Smog, Tap Water, Blow Torch and Hot Tub! By your powers combined, I am Captain Funball!

Captain Funball is a GiantStuffedAnimal made out of PVC, chicken wire, papier mache, shiny cloth, paint, and fairy dust as decoration for the first ever FunBallParty.

Able to breathe smoke given a good supply of DryIce? and water.

After the first FunBallParty, Captain Funball retired to behind EastDorm, and a career of occasionally making it more interesting than usual to get into and out of TracyvanCort's window with a basket of laundry.

When Captain Funball was kidnapped by bandits, we formed a rescue squad. We followed an anonymous tip to the high reaches of OldenBorg?. Along the way we gave out many lollipops. Using the element of SUPPLIES, we reached a third-floor suite where we found our Captain ungaurded. Moving stealthily, we cut him free from his bonds without alerting the students watching TV in the next room. We were almost out of the dorm when the captors, returning to their lair, came upon us in a stairway. They were awed by our magnificent countenance, and we confidently marched past them to freedom.

Captain Funball is again missing in action. Some say he still flies over the Pomona clock tower when the full moon falls during finals week. Others report seeing a dragon and a giant pig cavorting on the roof of Sprague on foggy nights in Claremont.

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