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ElectricRose was the 2001 edition of the LongTallGlasses prank. It was red and green and shiny and...electric. Chicken wire and red-and-green Christmas lights formed an unholy alliance for the purposes of giving NorthDorm something better than what we took (and for annoying the hell out of the colorblind members of the dorm).

Executed by FroshCloneSuite, EliBogart, and VictoriaKrafft. (Feel free to add yourself to the list if you were involved.)

The sequel (well, it skipped a year) to the AluminumRose prank.

It's worth pointing out, I think, that it rained on the night of LTG 2001, and it was still rather misty out the following morning. Fortunately, the rather fragile construction of the rose and the cheap-ass extension cord managed to hold up, even when placed on top of the (quite damp) bar. --JulieWortman

The ElectricRose resided in the hallway outside FroshCloneSuite after a stint on the EastDormLounge NastShelf?.

I don't know where it is now...most likely, F&M threw it out over the summer. WhackBitches?.

I placed it in EDC storage at the end of the year because it was sitting behind the dorm.-RachelGabor

Did I mention Rachel kicks ass?

See Also: BigPrank

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