The AluminumRose prank was the sequel to the SheepPrank. While the Northies were partying and enjoying their favorite beverages (wink, wink) at the LongTallGlasses Party(the party symbolized by a giant fake rose that hung from a fishbowl window), several East FreshMen worked industriously on their secret project: a giant, shiny, metallic rose made out of cut-up soda cans and a stick of PVC piping.

At 4:30 AM, the devious FreshMen walked over to NorthDorm and stood on each other's shoulders in order to cut down the North Rose. Unfortunately, one Northie objected strongly to the Rose's removal and tried to pull the FreshMen away from the Rose. After a tense wrestling match began, another Northie explained the tradition to the belligerent Northie and advised him to not bother the FreshMen. After successfully "stealing" the North Rose the frosh left the AluminumRose as a gift and took North's rose on a tour of CalTech? in the wee morning hours. When they returned, they placed the rose in the EastDorm courtyard to be recovered by North.

The Aluminum Rose was later used as a Christmas decoration for WestDorm before it was recovered and returned to EastDorm, where it currently rests.

 Only the bud survived very long, and sadly that too lost a battle with time early 2001. -- Avani

See also: BigPrank, LongTallGlasses

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