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*Tosh(phone) (TorchWood)
*Tosh (phone) (TorchWood)

EmmaDavis is dead (class of 2015), and currently spending the first few years of her afterlife teaching English in Japan through the JET Program. If you ever find yourself in Japan for whatever reason, please come visit, because it's kind of lonely and timezones make chatting difficult =(

Not to be confused with FroshEmmaDavis? (who doesn't go to Mudd anymore apparently anyway). Common names kind of suck. However, EmmaMagnetism is definitely a thing.

Was also (read: one time in frosh year) known as Rachel to some people (MengyiTao). ComputerScience major that (as of fall 2013) is basically a PomonaCollege foreign language major considering the amount of time she spends down there. (It's not my fault all the CS classes closed before my registration time!!) Likes to procrastinate by editing her FunWiki page. Actually, in spring 2013 majorly edited this page in order to procrastinate studying for a BabyStems midterm. BabyStems is awful.

Likes obnoxiously high-pitched Japanese(/Indonesian??) music, tweeting/tumblring all the time, writing awesome/crappy fanfic (depending on your view of things), and her fandom-of-the-moment (TorchWood->Persona 4->JKT48->StarTrek->SwimmingAnime->DuRaRaRa?).

As a frosh, slept upstairs in East 175 with SarahScheffler. As a sophomore, was a member of TimeSuckXVI. As a junior, was in East 109 with SarahScheffler, as one of the founding members of SuiteEqualistAwesomeEmmaPornPartyLounge. As a senior, lived in East 123. Yayyyy all four years in East :D

Loves RoomDraw. Like, way too much. Enough that she wrote two parody songs about it, RoomDrawDay and LetEastGo.

One of MattRichman's frosh fangirls. Also the owner of (many) ToFu. Also a member of the Homestuck cult.

Currently learning Japanese (nine years), Chinese (five years), Indonesian (self study), and Korean (first year), because languages are awesome. In fact, if she didn't get into Mudd she would be majoring in foreign languages somewhere. But she did, so she's not. But she ended up running off to Japan to teach English anyway, because what the heck, why not. Living the dream \o/

Was on Japanese television in the summer of 2012. It was AWESOME. Sadly, despite (very small) hints from the producers otherwise, there was no gaikokujin idol career ahead of her. Awwww.

Has had surprisingly (apparently?) high purity scores of:

Currently holds the title of purest East senior (of the ones who actually showed up to the test) by over 10%. Unfortunately this wasn't actually intentional...

Names her electronics after people and characters. Currently has:

TV show watch list, because this is as good as any a place to put it. She doesn't watch things very often, but when she gets into a certain mood (typically over school breaks), will marathon TV shows constantly for days on end. Can get through an entire series of Super Sentai or Kamen Rider with 50 episodes + a movie in two days.


Currently watching: (where currently means 'has seen some and plans to watch more at some point', not necessarily 'caught up to new episodes')

Every time.


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