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Loved by HarryFetsch.

Really, you froshlings may not think so now, but ... well, take our word for it.

Though this be madness, yet there is methyl in't.

*shove* No, this... is... FROOOSH CHEM!

Also, one of the computers in the graphics lab, right alongside the other supervillans.

See Also: FroshChemSongs

As of 2006-2007 (although this really began in 2005), the FroshChem Test no longer exists and has been replaced with a FroshPhysics Test. The new format of FroshChem involves three different sections of material all being taught concurrently. For the first semester, this is:

For the second semester, this is:

As of 2007-2008, the first semester chem includes:

For the second semester, this is:

For the 2008-2009 year, go for six quizzes each semester and a final.

First semester: Alpha, Beta, Gamma Modules (3x2?)

Second Semester: Alpha and Beta Modules (2x3?)

In the fall of 2015, a flipped classroom format was attempted. Somewhere in the flipping process, the learning aspect was lost. There were no lectures. There was no teaching. There was no light left. Darkness consumed the frosh class, who complained en mass to whoever would listen.

They fixed it at the start of the new semester though, so it's all good.


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