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** I heard this story in spring '08, and I know for a fact it was not the first telling.
** I heard this story in spring '08, and I know for a fact it was not the first telling. -- JasonWinerip

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*** So apparently he learned the true meaning of the film and met the avatars at some point between '02 and '07.

As transcribed by one student in Gary Evans' class. This is, unfortunately, not the full glory of the the story, but it should be enough to understand. I have attempted to correct all instances of "smart quotes", but have otherwise left it unedited:

Now, the first thing I have to say is you all are not going to believe this story is true. But I swear, this story is 100% true. It is not an exaggeration in any way. It is true.

At the time, I had been a professor at this college for ten years and was on sabbatical. During this time, I decided to take a film class at the American Film Institute. You see, I used to spend a lot of time with filmmakers and artists, and the like, and I hadn't done that for a while, so I decided to take this film class now that I could devote the time to it.

It was a fantastic class. A lot of big name screenwriters came by. The writer of "Basic Instinct", the writer of "Deadpool", to name some. For the class we all wrote a trunk script, which is a script you carry around to show to studios and producers to try and sell. I wrote a script titled "Panama City," which is not relevant to the story. During the course of the class, I got to have coffee with film students and big name screenwriters, and such. Discussion of a screenplay called "Avatar" came up among screenwriters.

One day, the writer of "Deadpool" and another screenwriter friend of his came in and talked to us and I asked the screenwriter friend about this screenplay, "Avatar", and a hush came over the room. He went on to explain the premise of the screenplay which is this:

In this screenplay, there are pantheons of gods fighting a cosmic war, but because they have no understanding of war, there are fallen angels sent to Earth to recruit human military specialists and tacticians, and the like. A lot of this stuff is based on Plato's Temius, and the fallen angels have sunglasses to hide the light in their eyes.

It was never really explained how the recruitment worked. After this guy was done explaining the plot, the writer of "Deadpool" speaks up and says, "there's something else you should say... Avatar is an actual battleplan." This man said that "Avatar" was a master plan for gods disguised as a screenplay.

After that things just got really bizarre! There were all these discussions about "Avatar". "Who has Avatar?" You'd ask people about "Avatar" and they'd ask, "who told you about 'Avatar'?" People got more and more serious about it. You'd ask about "Avatar" they'd yell at you, "what, you want to get killed?!?" One day, I decided I was going to go try and find "Avatar". I walked through the parking lot later and people were hunched over pointing at me...

Well, many years passed by and I never heard a word about "Avatar". Then, about seven or eight years ago, I was having dinner with a good friend of mine, Stephanie Austin. She's a big producer; she produced "Terminator 2," I mean, she's that caliber of producer. Well, "Avatar" comes up in our conversation and it turns out that she knows the story and all about "Avatar." Furthermore, she buys into the "Avatar" theory, she's in that whole circle. The last thing she says to me about "Avatar" is, "we know who has 'Avatar'; Cameron has it."

Now, I know Cameron and he is a really strange guy. I saw a lot of the filming of "T-2", and I talked to Cameron a lot. Let me tell you, Cameron is really loopy, he thinks all of the stuff he makes movies about is true. He once said, "I'm making a film about the truth." According to Austin, Cameron had had "Avatar" for a while, but he, "couldn't find the right actors for it."

Keep in mind, this "Avatar" thing isn't a heaven versus hell kind of thing, there are layers of heavens, like onions. Now, I used to go on avatar hunts with students, and sometimes we wouldn't find them, and sometimes we would. One time, we went to the Martini Bar on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena and we found two female avatars. I swear, their eyes glowed. They looked like they had dropped out of heaven ten minutes ago. We talked to them for a while without mentioning anything about avatars, but we just started talking about really weird things. One of the two started talking about Andy Warhol and the "God phone" story. There's a story about Andy Warhol giving Edie Sedgwick, as a gift, a "God phone". You could take this phone and it would be a direct hotline to God and you could talk to God. Now, the woman asked me if I knew this story and, as a matter of fact, she did. She hands me a cell phone that seemed to not be connected to any kind of service. She hands me this phone and says, "There are actually many God phones, and this is one of them." Then, one of my students gets excited and asks, "Are you an Avatar?" She gestures to her friend and calmly responds, "Yes, we both are." So, we talked for a while, and they both left.

I said you weren't going to believe it. But that is 100% true.


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