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RoomNumber: Sontag 201A
SuiteMates?: MarissaQuitt, SarahFletcher, AlyssaDray, KaylinSpitz
From: Eugene, Oregon
email: arlee@hmc.edu (the 'r' is important; there is now an alee-a junior by the name of Austin)
Her real name is Alison, but she goes by Ali...except on written assignments. To the confusion of many teachers.

Once was an EvilDM in a permanently unnamed campaign. She co-DMed it with MarissaQuitt. They got their first TPK on April 8 or 9 (-currently can't remember if it was Saturday of Sunday.) Go Green Dragon, Go!
Has been accused of hiding her evilness under an otherwise sweet and caring exterior, and would like to point out that she is not hiding. She actually is sweet and caring...as long as she's not being a DM.
Was a Cleric in AlanKraut's campaign ('06-'07). Go team healer! A five person team with three healers is pretty amusing.
Was a Healer (yes, there is a healer class) in MichaelErnst?'s campaign. It's ridiculous when you can cast cure minor wounds for 6 hp, and lesser restoration for d4+4. Not that a healer is able to hit anything at all, ever.
Plays KingdomOfLoathing obsessively, as LadyUtena?.
Was one of two members of Suite Baking, along with SarahFletcher. Was then one of 2.5, baking with MadeleineOng, and Sarah being in Budapest.
That yummy smell that came from East 113? That's what real food smells like. Along with Marissa and Sarah (when she's not overseas), Ali cooked real food about twice a week, to avoid the "food" at Hoch. The yummyness might also be the products of Suite Baking.
Nowadays is a hermit who cooks 1-2 times a week, along with Sarah and Alyssa, and is happily off the meal plan.

In the Fall of 2007, had 3 classes with the number 111 - Organic lab, molbio lab and russian film. Weeeeeeeird.

Fall 2008 Schedule :

 CHEM103HM Analytical                                              M W F     8:00-8:50     ProfessorJohnson?
 CHEM199HM Chemistry Seminar                                        T        11:00-11:50   Various
 CHEM109HM Analytical Lab                                            W       1:15-5:15     ProfessorJohnson?
 BIO189PO  Microbiology                                            M W F     9:00-9:50     ProfessorHamlett?
 BIO189NPO Microbiology Lab                                            F     1:15-5:15     ProfessorHamlett?
 ECON54HM  Microeconomics                                          M W       11:00-12:00   ProfessorPrag
 STS179HM  U.S. Science Policy                                      T R      2:45-4:00     ProfessorWang(visiting)
 CHEM000HM Thesis - guest/host fluorescence                        M         1:15-5:15     ProfessorKarukstis
 CHEM000HM Thesis - guest/host fluorescence                          R       8:00-12:00    ProfessorKarukstis

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