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I live here (https://www.facebook.com/magneticcarpet) on facebook now.

Hi everybody. I'm gay. I came out. Yay.

ProfessorStauffer. (What else would you call a person who holds office in StaufferLounge??)

DavidLiao's status: In Academics - check

Is known for stalking profs.

I know I am sleep deprivated because I can't stop feeling good. 2002/12/17/23:56

Ask EricDeyo? and AndrewWetzel about Thanksgiving 2002 with ProfessorTownsend. 2002/12/20/13:47

Reduced chi-squared is what you get when you add an electron to chi-squared.

What do you get when you steal eating utensils from Platt? SilverWaReZ?.

Last recitation of Engineering 59 2002

(The boards are filled with ProfessorJacobsen 's writing) ProfessorCha : Why are the boards not erased?!? That's like using a bathroom and not flushing it after!

Mudder1? : Why don't you go into ProfessorJacobsen 's classroom next time and write all over his board before he gets there?

DavidLiao : Oh wait I know! You should observe him to figure out when he goes to the bathroom, then go to the bathroom before he uses it, and don't flush it!

ProfessorCha 's eyes close and his jaw drops open

You forgot the part later where you offered ProfessorCha teacher schedules.


What do you earn when you major in civil liberties? A degree of freedom.

After prob stat one day 2002

The lights are emitting a high-pitched sound in BigBeckman?

DavidLiao and AlexUtter : There is a buzzing sound coming from the lights.

ProfessorSu : Really? Are you sure?

(Experimenting with switches)

ProfessorSu : I cannot hear it.

DavidLiao : Yah, that's what happens when you get old; you can't hear high frequency sounds.

ProfessorSu : Old?!?


At the corner between the physics and chemistry departments 2002

ProfessorBaker walks in to get a drink at the water fountain.

ColeWitham? : Hey do you know who got the high score on the last FroshChem exam?

DavidLiao : You know it's really interesting that we speak of the tests that the profs are grading when they're right there within earshot.

ProfessorBaker walks away pretending not to have heard DavidLiao 's comment.

DavidLiao : It's neat how the profs walk away too pretending not to hear us.

Spurting sounds are heard from ProfessorBaker.


-Annoys KaiLiu.

(Waving hand) You cannot tell that I have JediPowers.

Summer 2003

DavidLiao: did you get a haircut?

ProfessorTownsend: we'll David I can't pull anything over you can I?

DavidLiao: sure you can; you taught me BabyQuantum.

ProfessorTownsend: ?!?


Ice Cream social 2004

DavidLiao: Oh you know what I could do with the senior page on the yearbook? Put in a conference poster.

LizMain?: Or you can not and say that you did.

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