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The only thing open after 2am (with the possible exception of DelTaco).

Ask for Tim.

Not really that good, but if you go with enough people, who cares?

Fun things to do at DenNys:
  1. Watch EjWu put sugar in his (certainly colorful, and most likely pink) beverage.
  2. Throw things at the menu to decide what you're ordering.
  3. Play "dum dum dada" while waiting to be seated.
  4. Do things with non-dairy creamer which are very, very wrong. (ask LucasBaker)
  5. Gesticulate wildly near other people's beverages.
  6. Snort pepper. (this is a BadIdea that only GreatBigHonkingDumbAsses do)
  7. Hide the pepper shaker to prevent #6 from occuring. (Be careful. Pepper junkies carry knives.)
  8. Play WordGames. If that's too calm, play HungryHungryHippos? with the tableware.
  9. Wish you were at the BcCafe so you could order an OrangeCow.
  10. Play the "What number is this?" cutlery game. Yes, there is a rule.
  11. Have people throw sugar packets at your menu to help you decide what to order.
  12. Take your AnalExam.
  13. Play Ten Fingers. REALLY LOUDLY.
  14. Do cherry shots (BawMahNow). Those feeling brave can do vanilla or maple syrup shots.

Consumer Reports did a survey of their readers' opinions on restaurant chains, and in the category of "Family Restaurants", DenNys ranked seventeenth out of eighteen, above only Friendly's, with (converting from weird-looking symbols to numbers), a rating of 1 out of 5 for food, 3 for value, 2 for service, and 1 for mood. In other words, pseudo-scientific confirmation that DenNys sucks.
I would argue that all of these restaurants are "Family Restaurants" during the day, and that during the night, any that are open (read: Dennys, and Shari's in my home town) are ranked first out of one. --JohnWalseth
There are people in Dennys at 2 or whenever it was that know that e^i pi +1 = 0. Most of them don't but a few do, and tell you not to be a dork if you ask them about it. There can also be PomonKeys who will moon you if you act weird.

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