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The least* sketchy of frosh*, Justin is a senior who consistently hangs out in the lounge but generally remains shy* and reserved*. He doesn't drink* or even stay up past midnight much,* except for those difficult* work days. He is also majoring* in chemistry.

Is honorable*, and as such has been granted the honorific "Justilina Ballerina", and shall be referred to as such**.

He strongly* believes in equal* rights for all races* and sexes;* he is even occasionally* a feminist.* Justin thinks* that Scripps is the godsend* of an overly chauvinistic world.

Justin is sometimes praised* for his excellent* spelling, grammar, and most of all, pronunciation.* He is known for always being right and making very good decisions all of the time.

He also secretly* likes* platonic* hugs :)

===Chemical Properties===


Justin readily accepts or gives up one electron when bonding. In the ground state, he is ParaEmmaMagnetic?. However, the +1 and -1 ions are both DiaEmmaMagnetic?.


No "stable" isotopes of Justin have been found yet. The most common isotope is Justin-384. However, Justin-588 sometimes occurs. While Justin-725 used to exist, it no longer appears to be found.

The existence of Justin-694 is merely a rumor - it has yet to manifest itself.

===Mathematical Derivation===

The existence of Justin can be found via integration of rings. Consider a differential element dr that is the width of the ring. The presence of Justin per ring is given by 1/r, where r is the radius of that ring. Integrating from r=0 to r=R, where R is the radius of his presence, we get that Justin = 1/R^2 .

This, however, is only an approximation. If we assume that the presence of Justin is infinite (even though it trails with distance), then we must integrate from r=0 to r=infty. As a result, the full presence of Justin is given by the expression R.

This proof implies that Justin is an element of BigTheta?.

===Metaphysical Status===



 * Citation needed.
 ** Allen, Gretchen. Personal Interview. Whenever I started calling Justin "Justilina" day, 2011.

He also really likes committing minor vandalism of home pages.

He also really, really needs to learn to use the "preview" button.


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