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Probably the biggest TimeSuck of them all (equivalent to three extra units, plus lab), but generally lots and lots of fun. Somewhat easier for girls to get than guys, due to TheRatio.

Of course, the above assumes that the girls in question are HeteroSexual?. Girls seeking girls at HarveyMuddCollege generally have just as hard a time as boys seeking girls, perhaps more so, because this place tends to assume that everybody's straight (if not white and male as well).

All the talk about "the ratio" certainly makes that assumption, but I don't think it's necessarily true that "this place" does so. There is a substantial homosexual/bisexual population on campus, and a surprising number of people who are cognizant of this fact. Arguable though that statement may be, it's nonetheless kind of sad that facts like these come as a surprise.

Though it is true that the female to female ratio is one to one.

Yes, but the relevant quantity to those of us interested in other girls is not total girls, but girls interested in girls...which is a significantly smaller (and harder to identify) quantity.

The ratio of girls interested in girls to girls interested in girls is also one to one.

All of which just goes to show that ratios aren't very useful data in many situations (especially in that latter case, when the quantity used to determine that ratio is unknown).

However, I would argue that straight girls have the largest pool of potential SignificantOthers to choose from.

Frosh that entered in Fall2010? are 55% female. TheRatio is now screwed.

2018 Campus Demographics: 48.8% female. TheRatio is henceforth ~50/50.

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