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Steuard Jensen graduated from Mudd in 1998 after four years in East. He was a founding member of InertiaSuite?.

A seemingly tireless physics tutor (or perhaps just procrastinating on his own work), Steuard was the original TorqueDorque. He was (and is) a [Tolkien scholar] and is jealous of the LOTRaThon idea (though PatriAaronForwalterFriedman once pulled people together to read excerpts). Rumors that he was a member of the EastDormSecretPolice are surely mere inventions, and the suggestion that he was associated with other enigmatic organizations is laughable. He will admit to having taken some great pictures at PatrisParty, though (ask to see the one of ProfessorBenjamin playing DeathChess sometime).

Steuard is a string theorist at Alma College in central Michigan, but from fall 2006 to spring 2009 he was a visiting physics professor at Joint Science and made occasional appearances at Mudd.


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