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Look, there was some lumber outside what's now KRASSuite, and it would've been nice to build things with. So I asked the dorm list if anybody wanted it, and there were a few replies, and KurtDresner replied that it was disappointing to see many email messages with the subject "lumber" that were (sigh) actually about lumber, when they could've been about some interesting subject like other dorm lists discuss, and so I replied "fuck you, Kurt." (Is this WikiWikiWeb thing censored? Oh well, too late now.)

I will not create fun-chat-wiki. -- MattBrubeck

Things pretty much went downhill from there because various dorm members felt that profanity wasn't appropriate on the dorm list and there were various huge discussions and suchforth, but anyways east-dorm-chat-l was born out of the need to put the discussions elsewhere and not piss as many people off. -TracyvanCort, godmother of Schmack (Kurt being its godfather).

see EastDormSchmack

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