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Mon dieu...this page is utterly disorganized. For the new visitors, a bunch of people are trying to get a massive multiplayer game going during the summer, which obviously takes a lot of coordination. For whatever reason they decided to try to do that here, hence the mess. There's some useful information in here, primarily with regards to what classes are fun to play/effective. But once the next semester starts, someone should take some pruning shears to this page.

This page is still a mess. I've done some refactoring, but there's still a lot left. Some of this should definitely be edited when 1.10 final is released.--CurtisVinson

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1.10 Party Game

Patch 1.10, which is almost an expansion unto itself, is now out. Some time back I asked if people were interested in starting a weekly game of some sort... you know, we pick some time and play together for a couple hours each week. When the time would be depends on who is playing, of course, but for me some evening from, oh, 11 till 2 would be good. Below is the list of people who expressed interest. Feel free to add your name if you are interested in participaying. Also note that the character designs listed are based off the 1.10 beta and thus may change significantly before the game occurs; however, let's see if we can't get this started in the next week or two.

Interested parties:
*SteveHaas Sorc with two points not in the fire tree: telekinesis and teleport. More fire damage than you can shake a stick at.
*EvilSouthie will be playing the party Necromancer as usual. But this time he'll actually be effective (we hope). Concentrating on Bone Spear, with a point in each of the curses (using lower resist for the mages, life tap for the melee people, and confuse for large groups), and using Bone Prison on individual nasties (since it synergizes both Bone Spear and Bone Armor). Will probably have a point in each of the summon tree, as well, and will be hoping for at least +3 all skills to get everything at least distraction-worthy.
*JeffBrenion - Zealadin with Holy Freeze. Three paladins? Are we a missionary group now?
*NickJohnson - weather druid (tornado/hurricane). Will likely take Oak Spirit.
*CurtisVinson-- Blessed Hammer with Concentration; most of my other skill points will be in Vigor and Blessed Aim for synergies. I'll have my preqreq defensive auras and probably Meditation.
*PomonaSteve--Apparently now he's planning on a lightning sorceress . . .
*ClayHambrick--(now that I realize that this actually pertains to this summer...) I like magickier generally (i.e. sorc, necro, druid), but I can certainly also play a paladin if we need more melee. Oh, and past 2AM EDT is very bad for me.
*AndrewSchoonmaker--More or less whatever. A mostly-melee javazon, assuming synergies make the lightning skills viable. It's hard for me to tell how much damage Charged Strike is doing; I think the damage display is bugged (the weapon damage isn't taken into account), and I don't know whether the charged bolts do the listed damage as well, or what.

Proposed party list (so people can see without browsing through names and comments above):

People who have stated a clear plan are in column 1. People who haven't are in column 2.

Table 1: Character preferences

Decisions Inclinations

Steve Fire Sorceress
Southie Bone Skills Necro, w/ curses
Nick Hurricane/Tornado? Druid
Jeff Zealadin
PSteve Lightning Sorceress
Curtis Hammerdin
Clay Caster
Andrew Lightning Meleezon

Elements that we do a lot of so far: Fire (Steve), Magic (Curtis, Southie), Lightning (PSteve, Andrew)

Elements we do some of: Cold (Nick, Jeff), Physical (Nick, Jeff, Andrew)

Elements we probably don't give a rat's ass about: Poison

Auras/effects that will be on the entire party: Concentration; maybe Enchant (from where?); Curses as requested, defaulting to life tap, lower resist (breaks immunities!) or confuse; Holy Freeze; Oak Sage.

Noticeable holes:

* Lack of frontline fighters. At the moment, we have seven players with two melee-type characters. These characters are a Meleezon and Zealadin, neither of which are builds noted for exceptional tanking ability. Unless Andrew decides to sink points into Valkyrie, it is unlikely we will have any summonables capable of surviving on Hell.
::Andrew is planning to sink some points into Valkyrie, although how many remains to be seen. Apparently high-level Valks now kick ass. (Unless there's strong rest-of-party preference for topping out the lightning damage via synergies).
::::I've been pumping Valkyrie a lot with my current Hybridzon, and it's very stompy- I just watched my Valk take down NM Duriel by herself. I'm fairly sure she does more damage than me, and is _definately_ more sturdy- she was poking at the council members and soaking up the lightning enchanteds without a problem. (The double holy shock extra strong uniques in Mephisto's Durance actually did noticable damage to her, but really, considering they were killing me in one hit, I'm not complaining. Much appreciation for Valkyries.)

* Lack of certain party effects. To wit, Battle Orders, Battle Commands, Conviction, and Fanaticism. Given the current composition of the party, Battle Orders and Conviction are the most significant of these. It is likely that we will also have only a weak Oak Sage, unless Nick decides to sacrifice his synergies for Oak Sage. Holy Freeze, while very useful, can be obtained with an Act 2 Nightmare Merc (or several, for redundancy), while the other auras notably cannot.
::We might have some Lower Resist going on to offset the lack of Conviction, although obviously that will eat into the Life Tap action....--AndrewSchoonmaker
:::Though given that almost everyone in the party is doing primarily elemental damage and only two of the seven are planning on physically attacking, it seems to me that Lower Resist will be a lot more useful in general.--SteveHaas

* Lack of random auras. I will cover some of the defensive aura tree; most notably, I plan to take Meditation, I will have a very high Vigor, and I get a few other useful auras like Cleansing. However, should provisions be made to include Salvation and other auras I won't pick up?

Anything else?


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