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Added: 2a3
* Most of the dialogue you have with other human beings consists of you making movie references and other people not getting them or even realizing why you talk so strangely.

Added: 3a5,7
* You constantly catch obscure references to unimportant movies when the person making the reference didn't expect anyone to catch it.
* You recognize references to movies when no one was trying to make a reference at all.
* When watching a movie that's been edited for television, you can spot everything that's been cut out.

Added: 4a9,15
* You can recite the entire script of The PrincessBride
* You can watch the entire StarWars trilogy... in your head.
* The only things you can still play on the piano are movie themes.
* Every topic of discussion, no matter how distanced from film, reminds you of a movie.
* You avoided reading "Fellowship of the Ring" because you're planning to see the movie, and you're avoiding spoilers.
* You insist that, contrary to general consensus, many movies are actually better than the books they originated from (doesn't count for really kiddie books like "Shrek" or "Jumanji")
* You can explain, in reasonable detail, how most effects shots are done.

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