Future Issues

So the robot driver/library loads beautifully, but it complains that it cannot turn on the robot's motors. Thus the sonars come on, and various LEDs on the robot's status panel change to reflect the fact that the robot software is running, but the 'Motor' light flickers and no movement is possible. The main cause of this is a lack of batteries for the lower portion (motors) of the robot. At present there is only 1 working battery out of 3 for the lower portion, and the power supply we've used to test the computer portion of the robot can be used to power either the logic or the motors, but not both. More batteries need to be purchased to further test the robot driver/library on the Debian 1.3.1 install.

The driver for the RangeLAN 2 network card that worked so well in Mandrake 7.1 seems to have issues with Debian 1.3.1, and our team has not seriously attacked this problem due to a strong desire to first get the robot moving. Some compile tricks might be necessary to get the driver loaded, but we cannot give much more direction/opinion on the matter than that.