Our team went through the process of fixing the Nomad 200 robot.  The robot was not functioning because the transformer on the power distribution board was not functional.  We replaced the transformer and reattached all of the robot's parts.  This document will detail the steps we went through and try to provide a guide for fixing the Nomad in the future.

Figure 1. Frontal View of NOMAD 200

Now that the Nomad is set up, it should be ready to go.  Now that the computer on the Nomad is functional, the next step is to make sure that all of the other parts work.  We will test the IR, Sonar, and bump sensors on the Nomad and make sure that the motors work.  We hope that this was useful to anyone who ever needs to replace parts of the Nomad.
Greg Matthews
Ari Moradi
Roy Pollock
Michael Tapper
Prof. Dodds
Project 1