CS 137, Spring 2014
File Systems

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CS137 is a course in file systems, with an emphasis on current research directions. It will be taught in the manner of a graduate seminar, with much of the material selected by and presented by the students. There will be relatively little emphasis on homework and programming, although you will be implementing a simple file system of your own.


There are many places to find papers on file systems. This list highlights a few sources, but is hardly exhaustive.


A quick directory of conferences useful in finding file-system papers:

There are many more conferences than these, so feel free to look more broadly. In particular, ASPLOS, NSDI, and PODC can be fruitful. A good way to find other conferences is to look at the bibliography of papers you have already found.


Journals that have file systems papers:


A number of people have created bibliographies of file-system-related papers. Some of them are even fairly up to date.

Grading Criteria

NOTE: The following grading proportions are tentative. In particular, the homework portion of the grade may change.

The class grading will be based on participation (10%), homework (20%), and a final project (70%). The project grading will be broken down as follows:

You will note that writing quality is a huge part of your grade. Use the Writing Center for optimal results!

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