BoBa, also known as BubbleTea? or PearlTea?, is a drink consisting of tapioca balls. These balls, called pearls or again BoBa, are typically black, relatively tasteless, and are said to have the consistency of GummyBears?. While MilkTea? is the drink most commonly paired with BoBa, various slushes and juices are also popular.

If you plan on making BoBa from the packages you can buy in stores like NinetyNineRanchMarket?, be sure to boil the tapioca balls until the white powder that covers it dissolves almost completely and then start the 5 minute countdown. Also after you drain the BoBa, let it sit in a bowl with lots of honey and sugar. This will lead to a much sweeter and better tasting end product.

Is highly addicting and fun to shoot at passersby.

(Presumably) not to be confused with BobaFett?, who is probably not addicted to shooting random passers-by, since it's bad for business.

Also presumably not to be confused with Bubba, the big cliche scary guy in prison, who is unable to shoot passersby except with shivs. Also makes poor tea.

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