A prank performed on the Hoch-Shanahan Dining Hall (TheHoch) in the Spring of 2006. TheHoch had just opened that year, and, with the end of the year approaching, had yet to be pranked. Seeking to rectify this oversight, a group of Easties (and a few third floors) decided to continue the tradition of pranking, and make a statement about RoomDraw and the current room shortage. Twelve hammocks were made from fabric and dowel rods, and a thirteenth was lent by one of the pranksters. Using UnspecifiedMethods, the pranksters proceeded to hang all of the hammocks from the rafters of the dining hall, with the thirteenth hammock slightly away from the others (the proctor hammock), with a figure in it similar to the one used for GuyFawkesDay (except without the whole burning thing). Hanging from this hammock was a thought bubble that said "Mmmmm, tacos...", in tribute to the previous BigPrank against a dining hall (PlattTacos). A sign was then added to the front of TheHoch talking about how the dining hall would be converted into living space for 50 members of the class of 2010, in order to alleviate the housing shortage. For full effect, sample pieces of dorm room furniture on display in the Platt Living Room were "borrowed", as a means of showing how the new dorm would be set up.

The prank was reversed the next night, before too many questions could be asked.

It might also be noted that the SchemeTeam? claimed responsibilty for this prank.

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