Johnathan "Facebook Troll Frosh" Ashley. He also goes by "Roommate". Enjoys pass/fail, being a frosh, spontaneously shouting "Chris, catch me!" and jumping into ChrisSugino's arms, and the clarinet. Likes candy and cookies, and playing board games (Cthulhu Pirates Munchkin! and Bang! are both amazing).

Coined the term "FroshVenture"

Not to be confused with AshleyJohnathan?.


He can be identified by wild and frizzy hair as well as a perpetual look that makes one think "Yeah, that guy is insane..."

Apparently he looks just like a PreFrosh's ex-boyfriend. Before leaving, she said it was nice to meet us...except him. Awwww.


Should be doing homework now. By this, he means, not now as in while he is typing this (though that is true) but now as in at all the times, every times, as he is really good at procrastinating, even considering pass/fail. quotes "Anyway, I am going to stop before I keep rambling on and on and on and on and on...wait, darn it! Ok, I will st...OK! Seriously, goodbye!"

-Johnathan "If you call me Facebook Troll Frosh, I will give you a high five" Ashley CategoryHomePage

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