LaraBackman is a ThirdFloorEastie who spends most of her time in TimeSuck. A ScrippSie, Lara is a molecular biology major. She has not seen this page, because she has not previously had the address of the FunWiki.
    -- And whose fault is that? Certainly not ours...

CaitlinJacques is wondering how long it will take for Lara to find this.

BrianaKonigsberg is delighted that this page exists and suggests that other people start adding things on until Lara notices and stops us.

-- CaitlinJacques agrees with BrianaKonigsberg, and will promote this idea to other interested parties.

AdriSebree also approves of this idea, and she adds: LaraBackman is one of the officers of PagaN?, a 5Cs organization.

RichardBowen doesn't know very much about LaraBackman, but will also modify the page until Lara notices, by suggesting that PaGan? might be a better WikiName.

CaitlinJacques would like to point out that, since LaraBackman has graduated, she will likely never see this page.

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