There are many StupidEngineeringQuotes.

Baby Stems quotes:

"Is it obvious that e^(-zeta * omega_n * t) / sqrt(1 - zeta^2) * sin(omega_d * t + arctan(sqrt(1-zeta^2) / zeta) ) equals 1 when t = 0?"

"And so we sometimes call (omega)(tau) the corner frequency because...um...there's a corner there."

"Higher order systems are harder to make than first order systems."

| z | = | z*|

Professor Little Quotes

"So whenever you think of Kirchhoff, you can think of a Bunsen burner if youíd like."

"Last night I was on Sudafedís and Whiskey."

"I hate vectorsÖI hate vectors."

"Marshmallows, no springiness, no damping."

"I may be in the same boat, but at least I get to stay in the Captainís quarters."

"I know Iím not smart enough to do that kind of approach, but then, Iím no physicist."

"If you think in terms of our potato model."

"Quick, clean, kill. Anyone ever see the movie The Magic Christian?"

"S squared times the big Malcolm X."

Funny Things Prof. Cha has said within earshot of TracyvanCort this semester:

"I am bigger than an ant, but much smaller than the sun."

"It always opposes this jobbie. They don't get along." (See Also: JobbieCount).

"I, of course, go out the window."

"Sometimes I just don't know what I'm saying up here."

"Do you date your lecture notes?"

"When you want to sneeze and can't, you look at the light; it gives you extra stimulation."

"I cannot tie my rocket to a rubber band."

"It's not a free-floating jobbie now."

"I cannot really change gravity here now. I cannot change the density of a fluid at my will."

"I think I need to define what comfort means now."

"Shaft we've seen before now."

"My god, you don't win!"

"Tangent jobbie look like this [vigorous handwaving]."

"Ninja training comes in handy."

"Engineers are of very limited creativity." (See also: JobbieCount.)

Big Stems quotes:

"Let's consider a special case: when x is real."

--"What do you get when you bang on something really hard?" --"Breakage?"

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

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