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I (AlexWilkins) am going to put my FanFiction? reviews here, now. Note that these are mostly my favorites and suggestions from other people only, and more specifically, they're fanfics that I have read (or reread, or rereread) since about the beginning of October 2001. It gives me an excuse to reread some stuff that I want to, anyway. I will try to avoid too many spoilers, but anyone who worries about such things should probably beware.

References to FanFics not mentioned are to things I have not reread recently enough to put on this list. They can generally be found using Google, or by emailing me.

Some notes about my tastes -- I tend to prefer epics: the longer, the better. However, I also like a sense a finality to their endings (or at least a hint that the series will one day end, for continuing sagas). I tend to dislike MegaCrossovers, mainly because it often seems that much of them consists simply of name-dropping, characters are put in merely for the sake of adding more characters, and the reader's familiarity with the source series is relied upon for characterization. I also tend to dislike most SelfInsertions? mainly for the reasons mentioned in someone else's essay (will dig up if I run across it again) that the SI character tends to be a MaryJane, and just generally hogs the spotlight. My tastes tend to run more toward Drama than comedy, and more toward alt-universe than continuation, if only because such fics seem more likely to both be long and reach a state of completion.

Right now, I'm taking my suggestions for stuff to read mainly from the [Rakhal likes] fanfiction page, which is why most (all) of these fanfics are Ranma-based. Suggestions about what else to read/lists of stuff are welcomed.

If links are broken for some reason, I keep local copies of all these, so you can email me for them.

Note: I've now split the actual fic reviews off onto a number of different pages. This page will be kept as the main index page and as a note of what has been updated in the last month or so.

Also, the next time I need to split the pages, I will make the everything a subpage of this page (now that that feature has been enabled).

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Additional Parts:


Next Time:

I've finally worked my way through my backlog of fics, so I have no idea idea what I will read/review next. Possibly something by John Biles or Alan Harnum (I do mean to put Waters Under Earth on this set of pages eventually).

Is it my imagination, or have some fanfics were originally on this list been deleted?

Not that I know of. I moved some around a while back (those that began with 'The'), but I haven't deleted any of the reviews. I've removed some stuff from the 'Next Time' list, but that's because I actually wrote the reviews.

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