Between Friends

He squinted at the ceiling with bleary eyes, trying to will away the queasiness in the pit of his stomach.  It wasn't working very well.  A shift in the sheets next to him hinted that perhaps his companion wasn't faring very well either.  "I am never letting you get me drunk again."

A groan of general discomfort answered him first, before the words were found to express that discomfort.  "Don't worry, Heero.  You only turn twenty-one once."

"Good."  He shut his eyes again.  Getting up and about would probably be the first step in feeling better, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it yet.  He decided to stall with some small talk.  "So... how long have you known you were gay?"

Duo was quiet for a few seconds.  "I dunno... five years or so, I guess."  Another few seconds passed in near silence.   "You?"

"Hm... five minutes or so now, I think."

"Oh... Fuck."

"Well, maybe more like..."  He turned his head and located a clock.  He was a little fuzzy on last night's timeline, but he could take a stab at it.  "Um, nine hours or so?  If that makes you feel better."

"Not really."

"Oh."  A crease formed between his brows.  "What if I were bisexual?"

A brief moment of thought was given to the option.  "Nope, still not doing it for me."

Well, he had tried.  They both considered that for a little while before Duo spoke up uneasily.  "Heero..."

He had a pretty good idea where that was going.  He shrugged stiffly.  "What's a little sex between friends?"

That seemed like a trick question to Duo.  After puzzling over it, he came up with a trick response.  "What's a lot of sex between friends?"

That caught Heero off-guard, but his immediate reaction was to hazard a guess.  "A relationship...?"  Then his processors caught up and finished the analysis of Duo's words.  "Wait... we were drunk out of our minds last night.  It couldn't possibly have been that good."

"Well, yeah... we were drunk out of our minds last night.   Figures that we ought to be better at most things when we aren't drunk.  ...Right?" he added tentatively.

It seemed to make sense, but it left Heero with the unsettling feeling that it might not at some later point in time.  He groaned softly and rolled reluctantly out of the bed.  "I'm hungover as hell, Duo.  Can we talk about this a little later?  I'm going to use your bathroom."

"Yeah, go ahead."  Duo tore his eyes off that one annoying bump in his ceiling's surface and shifted in place enough to watch Heero stumble away.

Heero caught himself on the doorframe before leaving the room and turned back toward Duo.  "Hey... a little bit, more and more often, adds up to a lot, right?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess."

He nodded to himself before resuming his unsteady trudge.

Duo smiled, and hoped Heero didn't take too long.  He wouldn't mind getting cleaned up himself.

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