Chocolate Kisses

"Here's your file."  Duo dropped the report on Heero's desk and, after a brief nod from Heero, turned to go.  Before he had taken more than a step, he stopped, spun around, and winked.   "Forgot this."  He reached into his bag, took out a Hershey's kiss, and flipped it on top of the file before taking his leave of Heero's office.

Heero removed the chocolate offering absently to get at the file underneath.  To his surprise, there was an extra packet of papers within that did not belong.  Perhaps Duo had left it accidentally.  He got out of his chair to try to catch Maxwell before he left the department.

"Ooh, I love this season," Agent Park was saying outside as he was opening his door.  "Gimme, gimme!"

He'd only opened the door a bit when he realized that the Hershey's was still in his hand.  He paused to go back and drop it back on his desk.

The exchange outside continued.  "Happy Easter," Duo answered cheerfully.

"What?  A Butterfinger egg?  Can't I get one of your chocolate kisses?"

"Sorry, Jen.  These only go to my sweetheart."

Heero had returned to his door by then, and opened it just in time to see Duo's braid disappearing around the corner.  He shrugged philosophically to himself.  There probably wasn't any hurry in returning the papers.  They looked bureaucratic.

Park was ripping the foil off her egg happily as she sighed to the fellow agent beside her.  "Man, what I wouldn't give to be his sweetheart."

Heero closed his door on the banter with a snort.   Sweetheart.  Right.  If Duo had really been reserving his store of kisses for his sweetheart, then he wouldn't have...

Blink.  His eyes slid over to the sizeable pile of kisses sitting to the side of his workspace.

Blink blink.  Oh.  And here he'd been wondering why Duo had been plying him with chocolate all day, every chance he got.

He caught up with Duo in his office later.  "Here.   This was in the file you dropped off."  He handed the extra packet of papers over.

"Oh, hey, thanks, man."  Duo accepted the packet with cheerful smile.  "Didn't miss it, but thanks all the same."

Heero next dug into his pocket and spilled a collection of chocolate over Duo's desk.

Duo stared at them for a nonplussed moment before lightening up.  "What, giving them back?  I know you don't dig chocolate, but you can spread them around your office, you know...."

"No, not giving them back."  Heero picked one up and began unwrapping it carefully.  "I just think kisses are better when they're shared."  He offered the kiss in his fingers to Duo.

Duo took it slowly, with a bit of caution and skepticism.

That didn't seem to bother Heero.  He went about unpeeling the spring-colored foil off another kiss.  When he was done, he looked at Duo intently before popping it into his mouth.

After a brief pause, Duo half-chuckled and ate his own bit of chocolate.  They stared at each other for a bit before Duo spoke with a casual drawl.  "Say... you wouldn't happen to be free later tonight, would you?  Grab some dinner, maybe?"

"I'm all yours."  Heero gave him a small smile before turning to leave.

"Hey," Duo stopped him.  "Don't want your kisses back?"

"You can keep them for now.  We can share more later."

After he left, Duo leaned back in his chair and laughed aloud.  Damn, when Heero got a clue, he really got a clue.

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