X'mas AC198 excerpt
a moment in a moment of haven

Heero's attention was caught by a vibrating in his pants.   He certainly hadn't been expecting any calls over the holiday.   Only habit and constant preparedness had him carrying his cell phone around at all.  He continued to listen to the conversation as he pulled the phone of out his pocket and checked the caller ID.  His eyebrow rose.

Wufei paused.  "Something come up?" he asked.

Heero shook his head, though not really in negation so much as bewilderment.  "Yuy," he answered into his phone's receiver.   "...I beg your pardon?  ...Yes, I understand that part, but why--  You're kidding.  You seriously expect me to--  Alright, fine.  Yuy out."

"Who was that?"

He closed his phone and slid it back in his pocket, shaking his head again.  "Would you excuse me for a few minutes?  I have something to take care of."

Duo was leaning against the doorframe bridging the gap between hall and sitting room.  When Heero got close enough, he called out.  "Took you long enough."

Heero gave him a wry look.  Quatre's estate was hardly small.  "I was outside.  I can't believe you actually called me on my cell phone."

"What?"  Duo blinked innocently.  "I needed you."

"For this?"  He pointed upward towards the lintel.

"Time-honored tradition, Heero."

He sighed in fond exasperation.  "Probably only meant for when there are other people around.  Otherwise people could get stuck in doorways forever."

"Well, you were around.  Close enough to come when I came a'calling.  It'd just be irresponsible of me to think, just because you aren't within earshot, I can just walk away."

"Couldn't you have... rainchecked or something?  Just keep track of it, and I'll make it up to you later."  He paused, considering the evil light that had just popped into Duo's eyes.   "On second thought, never mind.  Don't."

"Aww."  Duo pouted, denied from having his fun.  "It's not like I was thinking about taking advantage of your offer or nothing."


"Really!  Not like I need no stinkin' parasite to rack up the kisses from my boyfriend anyway."

"So why did you feel the need to summon me?"

Duo draped his arms over Heero's shoulders and leaned in close.  "'Cuz I like that you'll come if I need you," he purred.   "Now kiss me so I can get outta here."

With a roll of his eyes, Heero pecked him on the cheek and made to leave.  Duo would have none of it.  "Nice try, flyboy.  Now, once more, with feeling."

He initiated the kiss himself, and with a resignation far from reluctant, Heero wrapped his arms around Duo's waist and brought him even closer for a proper kiss beneath the mistletoe.

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