H3110 kdumb [sic !!!!1!!!] W0r1d! Welcome to Josh Kline's wizzeb pizzage on tizzuring.

play my Spampede game from cs60.
robotics project spring 2003.
my cs125 lab notebook (password required).
Get your fortune
The not really qref on ncd configuration and non-blurry making: ncdconfig.
ways not to contact me
Ways I tweak Mozilla

Java jdk1.3 API
shelldorado scripting resource: /shelltips/beginner
European TrendMicro Anti-Virus Housecall works with Firefox

Course Web Pages:
spring 2004: cs 70 | Parallel computing
fall 2003: colloquium | cs140 algorithms | cs131 PLs | cs70 | cs70 wiki: </courses/cs70-wiki/bin/view>
spring 2003: Robotics | Science Education
math12b (fall 2002) | math61a (fall 2002) | cs110 (fall 2002)
cs121 lsd (spring 2002) | cs125 networks (spring 2002) | math14b (spring 2002)
cs110 page (fall 2001) | cs80 page (fall 2001) | cs70 page (spring 2001) | cs60 page (fall 2001)


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ietf | rfc | secsh | geopriv

jesse's nifty page, squarefree | cube's nifty page

spawn aim express build 12/01/2000
bring up aimexpress in this window
aim express, main page
spawn aim quickbuddy window
bring up aim quick buddy in this window

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usps zip+4 look-up

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page with meta-refresh command

Escape sequence: How to set the title of an xterm or rxvt window:
Method 1: simply copy and paste the following into your term window:
echo -n "\033]0;title\007"
Method 2: type the first character '^]' using CTRL-V ESC and the last character '^G' with CTRL-V CTRL-G:
echo "^[]0;title^G"

How to pipe or redirect stderr to stdout: (this swiped from Prof Kuenning's cs70 site)

For tcsh users, do:

    % ./assign_03 < input.txt |& diff - allout.txt
    % (./assign_03 < input.txt | diff - noerrs.txt > temp) >& /dev/null
    % cat temp
    % rm temp

Bash users can do:

    % ./assign_03 2>&1 | diff - allout.txt
    % ./assign_03 2> /dev/null | diff - noerrs.txt

If everything is working correctly, none of the commands should produce any output.

If diff reports differences, but you can't spot them, the differences may be in the whitespace. Try passing the output of diff through cat -vet:

    % ./assign_03 < input.txt |& diff - allout.txt | cat -vet
    % (./assign_03 < input.txt | diff - noerrs.txt > temp) >& /dev/null
    % cat -vet temp
    % rm temp

or for Bash:

    % ./assign_03 2>&1 | diff - allout.txt | cat -vet
    % ./assign_03 2> /dev/null | diff - noerrs.txt | cat -vet

Jews Jew keck graduate institute students for the field station Claremont colleges

some names of terminals in B102:


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The following works if you have an actual aim client, not for aim express.
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